The 11th ASEM Summit was held in 2016 in Mongolia. There was a need to build a campus in our country to accommodate a total of 53 leaders of national and international organizations attending the meeting. In 2015, the tender was announced, and MCS Property was selected as the company capable of constructing 53 qualified houses in a short period of time. Just over a year, ASEM Villa has been built by MCS Property and commissioned using a number of advanced construction technologies and materials, including geothermal systems, ger automation systems, and EPDM roof waterproofing. ASEM Villa, another Vista brand project, is located in the most peaceful part of the city, Khurkhreen Am. It was built with modern architectural and engineering solutions.

Purpose: Villa

Completion date: 2016


  • Location:
    ASEM Village, Dunjingarav street, 11th khoroo, Bayanzurkh
  • Project size:
    500m2, 360m2, 53 Villa, Mt.Bogd Golf & Country Club