2 million man-hours worked safely at the MCS Underground Mining Project

Working together with experts from Oyu tolgoi and Jacobs, with a workforce of 811 people, they have successfully passed two million man-hours LTI free and completed the following tasks in the process:

  • Shaft one jaw crusher construction
  • Fire and service water supply system
  • Mine de-watering and fuel delivery system
  • Explorives magazine
  • Workshop
  • Metal structure base of Ore bin at Shaft two crushing plant.

We used for the above mentioned projects:

  • 57,222 metres  of electric cables
  • 23,287 metres of service piping
  • 751.8 tonnes of metal structures have been completed and they signed 929 contracts with national supplies companies within their scope.

Ed Payne, Electrical speacilist from Jacobs says: “Iregard MCS Property company as a highly skilled and on same level as big international companies. They  didn’t simply complete the underground critical facilities, they poured their hearts and souls in their work ensuring safety. This project team is so young ad personally I am proud of these young man and women.

Even though their company has experience working on major international projects, it is a point of pride that they successfully completed these major construction project at Oyu Tolgoi mine. MCS company celebrated their two million mine man-hours LTI free achievement an29 and 30, June.